Major Fire Accident Brings Tragedy at Tibetan Market in Paonta

A sudden fire accident has occurred at a Tibetan market in the Paonta Sahib district of Himachal Pradesh. According to sources, the fire accident has brought tragedy to the Tibetan refugees by bringing thousands of rupees loss from the incident. However, a timely support from a group Sikh youth on pilgrimage march helped douse the fire.

The Tibetan market installed on the right of the rest house of the Public Works Department in Market Paonta Sahib has suddenly caught fire, in a very short span of time the raging fire has engulfed four of the shops built temporarily by bamboos. According to local reports, the fire has burnt down lakhs worth of goods in the tragic incident.

Fortunately, group of Sikh youths on Hemkund Sahib pilgrimage march helped out in extinguishing the fire and saved more than a dozen more shops from damage. Although the cause of fire is still not known, there was a sudden fire in the Tibetan market, built with the Paitha Sahib school girl and rest house of the Public Works Department.

It is also a good news that most of the shops were mostly laying vacant. Therefore no major loss of life and property is expected from the fire. The Paonta Tibetan Settlement hosts more than a thousand Tibetan refugees and most of them depend on business for their livelihood.

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