Man Faking as Tibetan Lama Sentenced for Rape in Taiwan

A man has been sentenced by a district court in Taiwan on charges of raping two women while faking as a Tibetan lama. The Taiwanese authorities brought the man on trail after he was deported from China recently. The culprit has been sentenced on reports rape filed by two women more than a decade age in Taiwan.

Yang Hao, 47, of Taiwanese national has been punished with a sentence of five years prison term by the High Court. The man got close to woman by pretending to be a high ranking Tibetan lama and traveled across the country. According to the reports of two woman, he raped them by taking them to his hotel rooms on different occasions in 2004.

Before the authorities could take any action, Yang Hao fled to China in May 2005. However, he was arrested in a police sweep in 2016 and got deported to Taiwan. In the trial, he has admitted to have committed the crime and pleaded guilty.

“At the trial, Yang admitted to having had sex with the two women, but asked for a reduced sentence because of a purported psychological condition since childhood that kept him from controlling his emotions and behavior.” said the report in Taipei Times last last year.

According to the report, investigators found out that Yang took on the dharma titles Tashi Delek and Ngawang Ghersa, as he pretended to be a high-ranking Tibetan lama and traveled across Taiwan, conducting purported Tibetan Buddhist rituals and religious services. He was not a real monk but had learned to chant sutra texts and to have religious discussions about them. Thus he used such opportunities to get intimate with women.

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