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The age of Charles Dickens, the best of times yet the worst of times, the season of light yet the season of darkness, the spring of hope yet a winter of despair. It is the age of our generation with the replication of the Dickens’s age. We achieved a whole lot yet we have lost a hell lot, there is nothing much for us to rely upon yet there is so much to lose, there is a dusk of fear yet a dawn of confusion threatens us.

We have a story of violent invasion and a fearful escapade. With these stories behind us we are speaking in front of the world that we lost our nation to a deceitful neighbor. We are expressing our determination to struggle for the restoration of the lost honor by nurturing the growing population with the resource of the fading generation. We have made the first blunder of blaming the lost of our nation to a so called deceitful neighbor. The world has always been a platform for challenge and struggle for the survival of the fittest. And now it is doubtful if we are putting the correct effort by pointing to the young generation as the soldiers of an unaccomplished project of rebuilding a nation.

Every person is not so brilliant, every person is not so organized and every person is not genius too. And it is not that simple to educate a generation without the love and care of a family. It is not a cup of tea for everyone to become self reliant. Education is the shaping machine of every human and with the approach of non-violent method in our struggle, there is no spear and shield sharper and thicker than the education itself. This is where we come to the point, a propelling target ahead of us is the giant PRC with significant influence around the world and there is us Tibetans not even strong at personal set up to think about the nation.

College is a huge platform after school for the Tibetan children. Tashi, a freshman at one of the reputed colleges in Delhi just came out into the world for the first time from that confined boundary of his school and he is so curious about the world around him. It is hard for him to get settled and concentrate upon his studies. He came from Tibet in the year 1999 and since then, under the holy grace of His Holiness, he had been staying in Mussoorie, attending his school. He is the first person to come to India from his family in Tibet. Obviously he is the eldest son of his family but now his younger brother is taking the responsibility of his family back in his homeland. So, it is of obvious that he could not get any support from his family for his studies. But he always mentions of his sense of gratitude to his school in Mussoorie that enables him to attend a college under their scholarship. He says “I cannot leave the college; I have many things to do in my life. But I am afraid if I could do well enough at my studies to achieve my commitments.” With this statement, he means that he could not find enough time for his studies because he is doing a part time job at a call center.

“How could you suppose me to meet all the expenses I face? Actually I am supposed to be running my family that my younger brother is doing at the moment.” He says when he was suggested to leave the part time job and put his full effort at his studies. His father had passed away many years ago by over drinking. He came to know of that instance only this year! After fleeing to India, he never had any contact to his family. He was too innocent as well as ignorant to know of staying connected with his family while the family had no idea at all about his contact details.

School life had been a very great opportunity and an easy life for Miss Dickyi. She has always been very cautious of her career options since her school life. Though she was born in Indian and speak Hindi better than Tibetan, she loves to be a Tibetan girl and takes pride to care for the cause of Tibet. The worst time in her life was when she was made to pursue the nursing course after her school. She was one of the most brilliant students from her batch and she was interested in archeology at the first place. However, she could not deny from getting into nursing. Her parents relied on sweater selling business and could not ensure the security of Dickyi’s two younger sisters following her. It is the last year of her nursing course and she will be leaving USA next year, where her uncle will support her to get a job of nursing. So, she desperately needed to start earning on her own to support her family.

What would you expect to hear from a Tibetan college student? “I am almost getting to the realization of my dream.”? It is a word of sun in the night time! This is not a blame game coming into shape but a factual context of our real life in the exile community. There is no point of talking about coming to the realization of their dreams when there are very few people dreaming big and working hard at it. Sometimes even some political tactics played by some master minds in for the quest for many available scholarship opportunities for their loved ones shatters the confidence of some bright seeds of our nation.

The Tibetan community is essentially blessed with an honorable leader His Holiness and his supporters around the world that sustains the community with their generous contributions. There is very low percentage of Tibetan students attending colleges without some scholarships. But when it came to the case of Mr. Yega, again a freshman in Delhi University, attending a degree course in science, he felt the scholarship scheme too cruel. He had made a mistake in choosing his course of study and he needed to change his subject of study very badly. He could not find anyone to talk to about his problem. The scholarship covering him was too rigid to negotiate and he was warned of losing his scholarship if he wanted to change his course. With a background of nomadic family in Tibet and a restaurant table serving brother in New Delhi, he is not able to afford a change of his course. Though it was his mistake of choosing a wrong subject to study, he looked pitiful without anyone around him through in that juncture of his life. He had no family expect a brother who had studied till fifth standard and no one intimate to turn to when he was unsure. When he had no option left in front of him, he is planning to start doing a BPO job with the English he knows and quit his studies. He feels it much better than studying something that does not interest him at all.

When there is confusion about the whereabouts of our famous playboy in Bangalore University, Sangpo, you go to the nearest pub and wait there. He will fall there as the darkness of the night. He is always busy around killing the time of his college life hunting for girls. When it comes to typing a message on the mobile phone, he types with a speed as if he is typing on a key board. It does not matter whether he uses a QWERTY keypad or not, he is expert at it.

In these hustles and bustles of their life, there is something really big missing out of their life. May be there is something going wrong in our system that is breeding out such a generation. There are very rare events in their life after school that reminds them of their commitments and responsibilities. Their connection with our language and culture gets lost so suddenly. They are weaving through the world like a sleeping lion, who once given with the necessary words and support, would roar around the world for the cause of FREE TIBET.

Yet the truth is that, we have a population of a nation, with hopes upon each other, shouldering the responsibility upon each other.

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