Mao Ze GONE: Newly Built Giant Mao Statue Destroyed

The controversial gold-painted giant statue of communist founding father Mao Zedong has been destroyed after it apparently lacked government approval.

Right after the news of the statue circulated on the internet, the elegant gold painted giant effigy of 37 meters tall was seen destroyed as the picture shown above on the right side.

People’s news portal had cited that the reason behind the destruction of the newly built statue of Mao as ‘unclear’.¬†That website is linked to the People’s Daily which is the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party.

That report cited that¬†from unspecified media, the reason behind the destruction of the statue of the man who ruled China with an iron grip for nearly three decades until his death in 1976 “was not registered or approved”.

Mao Ze Dong is one of the leaders in the history of the world who is accounted for largest number of human bloodsheds.

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