MenTsee Khang Announces 5 Years Degree Course for Non-Tibetans

MenTsee Khang, the apex Tibetan Medicine and Astro-science Institute has announced a 5 year degree course for non-Tibetans. The institute has announced the new program through their official website on Monday. The complete announcement contains the detailed description of all requirement documents as well as qualifications.

According to the official announcement, the Kachupa Degree is a course in Tibetan medicine (Sowa-Rigpa), Tibetan Astro-Science and Buddhist Philosophy. The medium of instruction is Tibetan language and therefore recommended for those with good knowledge of the language. The duration of the course is 5+1 with 1 year internship.

The institute will also offer 6-8 month basic Tibetan language for those who do not have the basics from July 2020. Whether an applicant can join for the 5+1 year course in March 2021 without attending the 6-8 months Tibetan language course will be decided by MenTsee Khang by giving tests.

The seats will be given on gender equality basis. Two-third of the seats will be for SPECIAL CATEGORY and the remaining one-third will be for GENERAL CATEGORY.

MenTsee Khang is a full-fledged Institute with its headquarter in Dharamsala and its Academic field includes the MenTsee Khang College, Pharmaceutical Department, Astrology Department, Research & Development Department, Material Medical Department, Documentation and Publication Department, Herbal Product Research Department, Body, Mind and Life Department and China Desk.

The deadline for submitting the applications is 11 March, 2020 and it mentions the required age limit of 18-35 bracket. Further details on the course and fees structures found here. Download application forms here.

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