Miss Tibet 2006 Sadly Passed Away Due To Heart Attack

Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak just 30 years old has suddenly passed away yesterday in New Delhi suffering from a heart attack. This sad news of her loss comes from the director of Miss Tibet pageant Mr. Lobsang Wangyal in the official website of Miss Tibet.

He has reported “With a heavy heart, I am announcing the sudden demise of Miss Tibet 2006 Tsering Chungtak.” It is clear from the reported that she has been suffering from health issues from before as he also report that “She had to stop her PhD degree midway due to health issues. She was working as a research scholar with an organisation which is trying to fulfil one of the Dalai Lama’s commitments to make Secular Ethics widely available to younger generations in schools, colleges, and Universities across the world.”

She won the title of Miss Tibet Pageant in 2006 and she was involved actively in various other pageants that year creating awareness about Tibet. “She had participated in Miss Earth Pageant the same year. She went to Malaysia for Miss Tourism Pageant but had to withdraw after Chinese government put pressure on the organisers asking them to sash Chungtak with a “Miss Tibet-China” said the report.

It is also reported that she one of the banner bearers of 2008 Tibetan Olympics while at the same time she lead the Tibetan Olympic torch rally in Taipei, Taiwan that year.

It is great loss for Tibetan community and we offer our prayers for her soul and condolences to all the relatives and friends.

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3 thoughts on “Miss Tibet 2006 Sadly Passed Away Due To Heart Attack

  • July 22, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    RIP for her soul. It was such an unfornate news for tibetans in diaspora. My deep condolence for her family and friends.

  • February 10, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    I am very sorry to read about the death of a former beauty contestant, but perhaps it is time to put this into perspective:

    The beauty contest which, I believe, is even supported by H.H. the Dalai Lama, is ridiculing buddhism and buddhist Tibetan women. If there is one thing, which the true buddhism can offer, it is the view that the compassion of a woman, her trust in buddhism, her strong interest in becoming enlightened and in doing something for others is the most essential thing to focus on for Tibetan women. Since long the West has been adding to the pressure on women by making women compete about their looks; this is one thing that the Buddha never taught and it is degrading. It is shifting the emphasis from the most important things in human life to a destructive focus on what appears on the surface. Ignorant people believe in that which appears on the surface, but the Buddha did not.

    In the West little girls and teenagers are filled with complexes about their looks, because many look up to beauty queens and idols in the film industry. This is the reason why many clever men and women have begun to move away from the beauty contest business for decades trying to teach youngsters about the true values in life; now Tibetans are repeating the same mistakes as the beauty business in the West.

    Why do you think that this contest is only for women? Would Tibetan monks be rewarded for good looks and compete to be the best looking guy? Would Dalai Lama compete with other buddhist masters about their looks? If this sounds ridiculous, why then is it O.K. to ridicule Tibetan women? What is the purpose?

    Somebody should have adviced the young woman to spend her life on developing compassion, live healthily and happily if possible under her circumstances, do exercise and take as many buddhist teachings as possible.


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