A Monk Hangs Himself To Death In Dharamshala

A monk hangs himself to death in Dharamshala. The dead body was found in the woods yesterday after going missing from two days. He was found in the woods near the Nechung Monastery where he was staying for the time during his stay Dharamshala, where he was going through a medical treatment.

Dhondup Sonam belongs to Stok monastery in Ladakh’s Leh district and he is 42 years old and he had come to Dharamshala for a medical treatment. He had been temporarily staying at the Nechung Monastery guest house but since last two days he had been missing.

“The monk identified as Dhondup Sonam from Stok monastery in Ladakh’s Leh district came to Dharamsala to receive treatment as he was suffering from tuberculosis and diabetes. He was residing at Nechung monastery’s guest house but has been missing for the last two days,” said Dawa Rinchen, the Tibetan Settlement Officer of Dharamsala as told to the Tibet Express.

The report added that the dead body of the monk was found by his students in the woods near Nechung monastery. The reason of this seeming suicide is not clear as there were no suicide notes. The local police has taken charge of the body for further investigations.

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