Nancy Pelosi And US Lawmakers Tell Trump To Talk Tibet With Xi

Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to US president Donald Trump ahead of his Chinese counterpart’s arrival to the nation and has asked to raise the issue of human rights violations in China and Tibet. Similarly a bipartisan group of US law makers have urged the president to the same issues with his Chinese counterpart who will be in the United States this week.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi wrote that President trump must raise the serious issues concerning the violation of human rights through China’s severe repression to stand true to the American values. She has said that America cannot neither challenge to ignore nor forget the long list of prisoners under China’s curb against their religious and political beliefs.

“Simultaneously, influential US lawmakers have introduced legislations in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, to promote access by Americans to Tibetan areas, which is routinely denied by Chinese authorities.” said the report in The Wire.

“The crackdown on civil society and deterioration of rule of law in China in the past few years appears to signal a systematic effort by the Chinese Communist Party leadership to tighten its controls on free expression and undermine the will of its own people,” senators Ben Cardin and Rubio wrote in a joint letter to the secretary of state Rex Tillerson according to the report.

A failure of US leadership on these issues is not a good message for the US to send to China, its allies in the region, and the world said the letter.

“If the US is serious about protecting human rights in Tibet, we need to do more than talk the talk we need to walk the walk. This bill will ensure there are consequences for China’s repressive policies,” McGovern said in a statement.

Donald Trump is hosting Xi Jingping at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida on April 6th and 7th. It remains to see what President Trump will stand up to when facing his Chinese counterpart.

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