Narendra Modi Gifts Tibetan Kanjur Books To Russian Temple

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi gifts Tibetan Kanjur books to the Russian temple, Datsan Gunzechoinei Buddhist Temple in Saint Petersburg. Modi gifted the Urga Kanjur, edition of the Tibetan Kanjur to the priest of the Russian Buddhist Temple during his visit to the country recently when he set off for a three nation tour of Europe.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented over 100 volumes of the sacred Tibetan Buddhist text “Urga Kanjur” to the head priest of the Datsan Gunzechoinei Buddhist Temple in Saint Petersburg, the Prime Minister’s Office or PMO said in a tweet.

“PM presents Urga Kanjur to Jampa Donor, Buda Balzheivich Badmayev, Head Priest, Datsan Gunzechoinei Buddhist Temple, St Petersburg,” the PMO tweeted.

“The Urga edition of the Tibetan Kanjur was unknown till 1955 when scholar Raghu Vira brought to India its complete set of 104 volumes, with a volume containing the catalogue. It was presented to the Indian scholar by the Mongolian prime minister.” said the report in NDTV.

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