Nepal Arrests 6 Tibetans and Hands Over To Chinese Police

The Nepal police has reportedly arrested six Tibetans escaping from Tibet and handed them over to the Chinese border police in Tibet. Six Tibetans escaping from China controlled Tibet has been arrested by the Nepalese police and they have been mercilessly handover to the Chinese police according to witnesses.

Witnesses have told the Radio Free Asia that six Tibetans fleeing from Tibet through Nepal has been arrested by the Nepalese border police. The incident took place last week according to the report and the escaping Tibetans were handed over to the Chinese border police despite pleading for mercy.

“When those six Tibetan escapees arrived on Nepal soil [on foot], at a place called Legme, the Nepalese border police arrested them. From there, the Nepali police led the handcuffed Tibetan refugees to Simikto police station,” said the source, a trader who requested anonymity to protect his personal security, according to the report.

“The handcuffed Tibetan refugees were wailing in great distress at their fate, and were pleading the police with folded hands not to take them back to the Chinese,” the report quoted the source as saying when the Nepalese police handed those Tibetans to the Chinese police.

The Tibetans repeatedly appealed to the Nepalese police that they were going to Nepal to seek asylum. Despite the locals in the region even pleading the police to release them, the police were annoyed and handed over to the Chinese police without even holding them for one day! The Nepali police warned residents not to share the news of this incident, and if any of them caught for doing it, will face severe consequences.

Chinese influence in Nepal has been very much visible over the recent past. With increasing Chinese influence in the Himalayan state, Tibetans have been subjected to severe restrictions. While many Tibetans based in the country faced identity crisis due to lack of proper documentation from the authorities, any sort of gatherings or demonstrations, especially those directed against China during important dates such March 10, have been severely restricted.

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