No Compulsion To Stand Up For National Anthem Being Played As Part Of Film: Apex Court

There has been incidents of forced patriotism that came from insides of the theatres. There were few cases in the headlines where people were physically assaulted for not respecting the National Anthem by standing up while it was being played in the theatres. This sort of forced patriotism strangely confused people across the the country.

Though the Supreme court of India had made it compulsory for the movie theatres in the country to play the National Anthem prior to every show they play, for which people are required to stand up, there were many films where the national anthem is used. The most prominent recent example is Amir Khan’s blockbuster movie ‘Dangal’.

Unfortunately, the forced patriotism started to show its infamous blind eye when the headlines bloomed up with reports of assaults against alleged disrespected spread on to the unique case of physically assaulting a physically challenged person who failed to stand up while the National Anthem was being played as a part of the movie!

This sort of grave situation has actually confused the citizens at large. In a petition filed to the apex court for a clarification about row over showing respect for the National Anthem in the movie theatres, the panel of judges from the apex court issued the justification that people are not obliged to stand up for the National Anthem when it is being played as part of a film, newsreel or a documentary.

Hope this has clarified the confusion generated among the public regarding the issue. This should give an end to the forced patriotism being implied by the general public at large.

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