Official Website Of H. H. The Dalai Lama Hacked And Infected

The Chinese version of the official website of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been hacked and infected with malicious viruses according to a report from the BBC world. Over the past few years there has been constant threats from the same group of attackers and the attackers are alleged to be Chinese as their logs are found written in Chinese.

The report also explained that the official websites of Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala have been under the scanner of one group of attackers since the year 2011.

These are revealed by the Kaspersky Lab experts which is an anti virus company and they have issued warnings to the CTA official website of anticipated attacks as they said that the side had been compromised.

The report also emphasised that these websites of Tibetan organisations have been under constant threat and the targets were also directed towards Tibetan non-governmental organisations such as the International Campaign for Tibet.

The report explained that the attackers had used a method called as ‘watering-hole attack’ which exploited a security bug in Oracle’s java software giving them the ‘back door’ to the user’s browser.

The Kaspersky experts told that the attacks came into highlight after the ’email accounts of prominent Tibetan activists had been hacked’.

The report explains that the believe of the motives of the attackers are to spy the site visitors.

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