Old Picture of Tibetan Protester Misused to Target Indian Army on CAA

A decade old picture of Tibetan protesters is being misused to target Indian army over the Citizenship Amendment Act on the internet. According to trending reports, even well known politicians were initially lured by this trick and shared their dissent against the Indian army and the government as the picture was literally very disturbing.

The picture shows a group of army pulling a woman from the shirt! The picture is being shared in the stream of Indian social media accusing Indian army of carrying out such aggressive and disrespectful suppression against its citizens especially women in Assam. It has been going viral to such an extending that many political figures even shared the picture, believing it to be in Assam.

However, the fact at that the picture was taken more than a decade ago in Nepal. The incident is of Tibetan refugees in Nepal demonstration against the Chinese brutalities in Tibet. In fact, the army are Nepalese police carrying out such brutal suppression of peaceful protests by the Tibetans.

The description of the original photo taken by Deepa Shrestha of REUTERS reads: “A Tibetan protester struggles with police officers in front of the United Nations building in Kathmandu March 24, 2008. Nepali police broke up an anti-China rally by Tibetan exiles in Kathmandu on Monday, detaining 250 protesters in the latest in a series of demonstrations. Police holding plastic shields dragged the protesters into iron-meshed vans and trucks and drove them to detention centres, witnesses said. Witnesses said some exiles were also hurt in the scuffle. REUTERS/Deepa Shrestha.”

Original Image of the Tibetan Protesters

 While this is actually clear the misinformation being shared with the picture, it is also an eye opening on how brutal Chinese repression must be in China occupied Tibet! When people can not withstand on the idea of such suppression, we can understand how much worse it would be the field inside Tibet!

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