Opinion: Bruised Sentiments

Less than few percentage points on gains from being the first trillion dollar company in terms of valuation, Amazon has straddled a long way to this stratospheric success, thanks to the vision and mindset of its founder Jeff Bezos.

Turning back the clock, from a humble beginning Jeff Bezos started Amazon by selling used college books online when internet was booming and soon realizing the potential within the power of the ecommerce ventured into selling other stuffs that culminated into the Amazon that we know today.

Even as an online retailer from the early years from his basement, Bezos stucked on to selling things that bear a certain moral standards and principled values, and so he chose not to sell shady lucrative things like porn for example, where probably he would have made the fastest and the greatest money. But since he was a man of character back then, he stood by his moral conscience and didn’t succumb to the intoxication of greed.

As years rolled and internet of things started disrupting the traditional markets and online marketing became a norm, crushing many brick and mortars companies to their knees, Amazon emerged bigger than ever, buying every new upstarts and investing heavily on acquisition and research & development.

Amazon became the site to go and just as profits were easily to be made, second and third parties vendors were allowed to market in their platform ultimately compromising ethics, risking principles and morality of things and  jeopardizing the company’s credibility.

Just a reminder and heads up from an Amazon prime member, Mr Bezos your company’s reputation is at stake from the fall out of this inexplicable, unimaginable, inconsiderate, heinous trade practice that has occurred on your platform under your very nose for which a rude awakening is called for.

Recently on your website, targeted blasphemous sale of Buddhist merchandise either by state sponsored businesses coming out of Communist China that’s bent on annihilating the Tibetan culture and civilization or by vendors with disregard to religious sentiments has surfaced on your site and as a result has bruised many Buddhist sentiments worldwide as I speak. Printed pictures of Tibetan Buddhist deities that followers of this ancient faith worship started appearing on underwear and bras. It was and seemed an apparent blatant attack and insult on Buddhism, the religion that is the symbol of peace, non violence, harmony and equality.

At the heels of all this, on front of your website, I was left imagining what would have happened if the religious sentiments of other zealot groups, that are fanatic, radical and extreme were hurt today at this time with such explicit and insulting attack on their belief, I can only imagine the swift backlash and repercussion that you and your company would have to face. Bloods have been shed, bullets have been fired, bombs have exploded when such religious sentiments are hurt to that insulting level if you look at recent past.

But just like the stars are aligned to take your ventures to Martian heights, this greed that has blinded you can also bring you to the depth of lowliness.

Instead of death threats, instead of widespread calls of boycott and burning of effigies on the streets, the Buddhist including the Tibetan people has taken upon writing petition so that you, Mr Jeff Bezos could be awakened from the intoxication of greed and slumber of willful ignorance and act upon on your senses to stop vendors from selling such stuffs that has made irreparable holes into million hearts.

He would also then-be awakened to lay out fresh rules for marketing and just like on his young days unbridled days, when he bore pimples and freckles and when with that innocence he was only selling just used books from his basement, he would be brought back to his senses that regardless of how much money you end up making, one can’t compromise ethics, morality and principles, since these are the only things based on which your credibility will be gauged and remembered.

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Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugen Gyalpo is a guest contributor from Woodside, New York

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