Outstation Vehicles to Pay Entry Tax to Dharamshala

The local Municipal corporation of Dharamshala has decided to impose an entry tax upon the outstation vehicles according the outcome of a local budget meeting of the members. The decision will be imposing respective entry tax amounts against the entry of vehicles of respective categories from other states.

“The municipal corporation here for the first time will impose entry tax on vehicles coming from other states to this hill destination. On Tuesday, a meeting regarding the budget of the municipal body was held during which this decision was taken to increase the income of the corporation.” said the report in the Times of India on Wednesday.

With the aim to increase the income of the corporation, it has been decided to impose an entry tax of Rs. 40 against the small vehicles while the big vehicles have to pay an entry tax of Rs. 120. The report also added that the trucks will be levied an entry tax of Rs. 160.

Entry barriers for this very purpose will be set up at Sakoh, Sheela, Sidhbari and Sudhed in the jurisdiction of the Muncipality

Dharamshala, the exile home to the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama attracts visitors from around world and across the states of India to experience a spiritual getaway. It is famous for its location as a hill station with various attractions such as the Dalai Lama temple, Tibetan refugee community, Bagsu Nag and so on.

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