Pakistan Seemingly Adopts Chinese as Official Language

In a move in the Pakistan senate on last Monday, Chinese was seemingly adopted as one of its official languages according various news reports. The motion was brought in the senate where it calls for the declaration of Mandarin, a Chinese dialect as one of the official languages in Pakistan after Urdu and English for the implementation of CPEC.

The Pakistani Senate on Monday approved a motion to declare Mandarin as one of the official languages of Pakistan.” said the report in the Business Standard on Monday.

Another report in the ANI News says that the relation between Islamabad and Beijing would deepen further and help the people connected with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor communicate easily if Mandarin was made the official language of the South Asian nation. Despite Pakistan is favoring the Chinese language under the implementation of $60 Billion CPEC project, which is strongly opposed by India, there are many people who are protesting the move from the Pakistan senate.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani tweeted “In a short span of 70 years, Pakistan has flirted with promoting four languages that were not the mother tongue of many people in the country – English, Urdu, Arabic, and now Chinese — ignoring native languages.” following the news on Monday.

However, although the news was reported with all the outbreak across India, it also seemed to be over exaggerated over the fact being that the original move brought in by Senator Khalida Parveen of the People’s Party of Pakistan only suggested for official Chinese language be taught in Pakistan for the CPEC project implementation.

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