Paul Bourke Ends As Executive Officer Of Australia Tibet Council After 30 Years

Paul Bourke ends as the executive officer of Australia Tibet Council after completing 30 years of service to campaign for the right of Tibetans by the end of this year. The important vacancy after his departure will be filled by the incumbent Campaigns officer, Kyinzom Dhongdue by the beginning of next year.

“After 30 years, ATC’s Executive Officer Paul Bourke will be leaving at the end of this year. The ATC Board expresses our sincerest thanks to Paul, who has dedicated three decades of his life working for the rights and freedoms of the Tibetan people.” announced the official website of the Australia Tibet Council on Monday.

The announcement also touched in a brief message on how the amazing man started the journey to form the present ATC it is today.

“Under Paul’s tireless leadership, ATC has grown from a handful of volunteers in 1988 to be today the largest and most active community of Tibet supporters in Australia. From being one of the first western supporters to stage a protest in Beijing to becoming a leading voice for Tibet in the halls of power in Canberra, Paul has made a remarkable contribution.” added the announcement very briefly describing his remarkable contribution toward humanity.

Kyinzom Dhongdue who has served as Campaigns Manager at ATC for the past seven years, has a broad range of experience in activism, media and government. She brings to this new leadership role insights drawn from her Tibetan roots, unwavering commitment to the Tibet cause and a bold, new vision for ATC according to the announcement.

Kyinzom was born to Tibetan refugee parents in India and schooled at the Tibetan Children’s Village. She studied English literature and mass communication at Delhi University and worked as a journalist before moving to Australia in 2005. She is the first Member of the Tibetan Parliament, Dharamshala, India from Australia.

ATC is the largest and the most active community of Tibet supporters in Australia. For more than 20 years, the ATC community has fought and won campaigns in support of Tibetan human rights and democratic freedoms.

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