Perils of the world

Convulsing on the bed,
What does it take to feel one's suffering? 
Sometimes I wish, sometimes I pray 
Sometimes I sit in a silent way
Rocking back and forth on the floor, 
Bad things happening to people all around 
Not to me, not just yet 
What must I do? What can I do? 

Shall I run? Shall I work? Shall I talk to somebody? 
I can't move, but I'm waiting 
Waiting for time to turn over 
Like a penny within a well or a fallen leaf of clover
I wish I wasn't so paralysed 
So gripped with fear and uncertainty 
Wish I had control and did everything right 
Like a finished jigsaw or a cup of tea.
I'm trying to get better, 
And not fall further 
For I know of places and people who have it worse. 
I believe in better times to come, 
In happiness and a lift of the curse.

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prashasti sharma

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