When all goes South

A trembling boy always trembles with a fear gripping inside and hoping to crawl down surreptitiously for the world that we once called a better place to live,

If I were asked what it is like to be myself dangling right out there somewhere in the midst of creepy death shadow lurking all around to devour its parasite, but that was the time when all goes south and half of my existence turned peril with myself fallen in the shadow of darkness.

I took a one step forward and looked back twice to see the cracking sound of crevasse making me feel that the ground are breaking apart with me leaving in the middle to choose which side to hop on.

Human life are so strange that sometime it boggles me, We gave up everything we had to create that life we lived yet the very purpose of this life still is intrinsic to what our conscience dictate us. And the basic quintessence of who we were made to is still remained as a myth deep within ourselves.

The most reclusive part of my life has its greater share of impact to tame the very me that is being channeled by the outer force of negativity hence it helps me to resurrect the world on the other side making it an exclusive to the people who desire for the greater change in the lesser time.

But still when all goes south, we tend to pretend that we understand the world we live and ended up living among the most pretentious nature of oneself.

And for that, I recall what I once heard someone says “captivity of negativity” that seemingly defines the nature and plausibility of our existence on the edge of utmost Vexatious.

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Sonam Tsering

Sonam Tsering is a voluntary contributor from Bangalore, India

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