Popular Bollywood Stars Involved In Philanthropic Works

“Charity begins at home “.

Fans admire Stars and actors for their acting abilities. Many of us go gaga over the looks of a star. On screen these actors and actresses may have a different appearance. Little do we know that many Bollywood stars who are glamorous and famous have a totally different character. Irrespective of their highflying careers and glitzy lifestyle, they have a human nature. Some of them go out of the way to support a special cause or engage themselves in philanthropic works. Following are a few of popular Bollywood stars involved in philanthropic works.

Here is a list of our own Bollywood stars who like to stand for a cause not for winning accolades, but because of their love towards the act of charity.

Shahrukh khan

Although we all know King Khan as a superstar, many of us are not aware about the fact that he is associated with several NGO’s. Shahrukh is also known to provide medical help to many who are needy. Whenever he gets any free time, he ensures to spend some with underprivileged and mentally challenged children. Apart from all these, Badshah khan has raised funds through his concerts to help the victims of natural calamities.

Salman Khan

Macho star Sallu Bhai is known for his dhishooms, angry young man looks and comic acts. He has also had his share of controversies. Amidst all these, he is a man with a golden heart. Bhajrangi Bhaijan is not only the bhai of Little Girl “Tina”, but to thousands of kids who are deprived of money for paying their medical bills by doing so. Sultan Star started a charitable organization known “Being Human” which has become one of the most notable organizations in the country for philanthropic works.

Aamir Khan

Perfectionist is the title awarded to QSQT hero who has come a long way after his first movie. In fact, Aamir is one star who believes in action than on speech. He always likes to do things without flaunting it. The Dangal hero had not only donated several lakhs to help the flood hit victims of UP, but encouraged and motivated others to follow him.

Aiswarya Rai Bachan

If you think that Philanthropic activities are only for the macho Bollywood stars , then you are truly mistaken. After all why our tinsel town beauties should be left out from noble deeds? The doe eyed Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachan is not only well known for her beauty as well for her beautiful acts in real life. She has donated her beautiful eyes to the Eye Bank Association of India motivating many to follow her path.Aiswarya Rai Foundation is the organization which has been started by her to help the poor and needy.

The list of Bollywood stars involved in charitable activities does not end here. This shows there is no death of good human beings on earth.

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