Potter Heads, ‘4 Privet Drive’ Home From Harry Potter Is For Sale

To the information of all the Harry Potter fans or follower, here is a chance to obtain an eternal mark of the famous novel series that was created to become one of the most famous movies series in the history of the world as the home of the Harry that was used in the movie, ‘4 Privet Drive’ is available for sale.

The real house is in Bracknell, Berkshire, about 40 miles west of London and the property is listed at a price of £475,000 ($620,000).

“Besides the film connection, what’s the house actually like? It has three bedrooms, which means there’s plenty of space for Dudley, all of Duddikins’ toys, Aunt Marge when she’s in town, that weird nephew of Petunia’s who goes to St. Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys, and an owl nook. There’s also mention of a “cloakroom,” which might be code for “bedroom under the stairs.” said a report about the property.

The Privet Drive house which was set out as Dursley family home where Harry Potter suffered before getting into the Hogwarts is supposed to look and feel the part, and it played its role admirably for a decade, appearing in all eight Potter movies.

“The modest two-story brick residence was sold in 2010 for £290,000 ($260K) and underwent renovations; the current residents opted for a more modern look, opting for light blue walls instead of the haute paisley featured in the films. The ad mentions an updated security system, which might have something to do with the fact that hardcore Potter fans have been known to show up occasionally and pose for photos.”

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