Preemptive Emanation : A call of the hour

Rest assured meaning the impermanence of life, we all know that His Holiness has multiple times said that he would live up to the age of hundred and thirteen. According to the study of The Centenarian, there are almost 450000 people in the globe that are over the age of one hundred and this could very well be realistic. For us Tibetan that have been led by fourteen incarnation of the Dalai Lamas, it’s almost impossible to imagine Tibetan existence and validity without the leadership of His Holiness albeit only spiritual for now. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a synonym to Tibet just like the sun is to the light.

The hegemony of China over Tibet since their invasion, and fast-forward those atrocious years to this time and age, where their attempts to fully win over Tibet both politically and spiritually have proved futile and a far cry from realization. They have now for over a decade carved a stratagem, as we all know starting from the kidnap of Panchen Lama to try to politicize, influence, and win over and defeat Tibetans in our own moated spiritual strengths. This has but become their prime objective now.

We might not have all the leverage in the world to play international diplomacy and politics with China at this time, as some might try to bring back the proof of life to this idea. In this age of a symbiotic, globalized, economically enmeshed web, it’s almost impossible to bring China into a diplomatic table at the expense of losing moral support from our international sympathizers for their material gain and that is the bitter truth.

There was a time when it was assumed that when America sneezes the world economy would catch cold. Now add China to the list that can also make the world sick when they sneeze too.

But within the rampart of China’s conspiracy, I think that we can play politics in their own dirty game without getting ourselves defiled. I strongly feel that we could counter-punch within the realms of our own Buddhistic gloves stitched with Dharmic values and wisdom, that we can pray and publicly request His Holiness to delve on his reincarnation, as not to seek as a means to a political end, but foster sustenance of a moral struggle that has now become synonymous with the existence of HHDL, and for that matter, to seek a preemptive emanation of the 15th Dalai Lama within the lifetime of the fourteenth, a manifest, a virtuous feat only a supreme being like HHDL might be capable of demonstrating.

At the same time, to fulfill what would be an unfinished task and hold the beads from breaking away from the thread that keeps not just the Tibetans united but also China vulnerable for the life time of a communist system.

This would not only bring down the Chinese conspiratorial house of cards and lay to rest for good their manipulative theory, but also revamp and fortify our spiritual moat that China is so longing to break and entrench themselves into.

It is imperative that His Holiness the Dalai Lama should reincarnate within his lifetime at a place of his choosing, to charter an unfinished course and embolden our spirits, to captain and weather through this tumultuous storm as he has done for decades.

Even though we have a democratically-elected prime mister at the helm, still there is no comparable entity that would shape and define the future of Tibet more so than his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Leaving the Church and State debate for a later time, when time is not of the essence.

Whether we accept this or not, a vacuum without a reincarnation or no reincarnation at all, and Chinese power-mongering politics at play, could alter the course of our history beyond recognition. Therefore, a symbolic eternal presence of HH without any gap between reincarnations is crucial. And better still, if we get to see the HHDL15 when HHDL14 is still around. I don’t know if this is possible. But from a spiritual perspective, for a higher realm to be able to manifest in different forms in different areas at the same time is not inconceivable either.

Manifestation of such an emanation would be a knock-out blow to China and a lifeline to the relevance of the Tibetan cause.

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Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugen Gyalpo is a guest contributor from Woodside, New York

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