Pro-Tibet Indian Politician Appointed Uttar Pradesh CM

Pro-Tibet Indian politician Yogi Adityanath has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The appointment has come as a big surprise to many after the historic political success for the ruling party of India in the most populous state of the country. The 44 year old young CM was appointed to the office on last Saturday in a historic turnover of the regional politics.

Adityanath in a religious meeting in Jaisalmer last year had strongly advocated for the liberation of Tibet from China. He addressed a gathering that entire Tibet is seething pain and it is very unfortunate that all the national as well as international rights groups are turning a blind eye on the matter.

Today, the bold young Indian politician has been elevated to a decision makers post and this should surely indicate good inclusion by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as far as the Tibet policy is concerned. In view of the historic advocacy from the Indian politician for Tibet, it is anticipated that the Chief Minister would bring that issue to the new platform too.

“At the outset, I want to fully assure all the people that the government will leave no stone unturned in taking effective steps to take the state ahead on the path of development and prosperity.” quoted the CM saying in the first press meeting after the appointment according to Hindustan Times.

The new CM from the saffron party has taken a strong stance to check corruption. In just one day of appointment, the CM asked all his ministers to declare their income and assets to the chief minister’s secretariat and BJP state unit within 15 days.

Mahanth Yogi Adityanath is a priest as well as an Indian politician who has represented Gorakhpur in Lok Sabha a member of parliament for BJP since 1998. He is one of the youngest Indian MPs and now he is one of the youngest Chief Ministers of India.

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