Purpose Of Life And The Tibetan Exile

I am going through the very important turn of our lives and I tend not to be different from any of my peers. The routinely way of life has a stage where you no longer are obligated to follow despite your unwillingness and that makes the mark of start of our career I perceive. That is the stage when you are set off loose from the security shields of various individuals and institutions to build the castle of your life ahead on your own. This is the process of every life and this process has been shaped in a manner that is suitable for a prosperous life through natural adaptational norms.

Having brought up in a Tibetan community has a special impact on me in recognising the purpose of my life and my purpose of life is also of no different from any body else, i.e., to be happy. I am extremely blessed to be born under the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who at every occasion teaches us of the very simple truths of our lives that we humans clogged under greed and ignorance fail to understand. I have also come to the conclusion that my purpose of life is also to be happy and I do not doubt that yours would be anything different.

Tibetans have come a long way in exile and today the Tibetans everywhere in the exile world are doing exceptionally well. We have become well recognised around the world better than ever and I think it could not get better than this in exile. The Tibetan Exile has the wings of nationalities across the world to be part of the free world while the Headquarters in Dharamshala India is itself a mini-Tibet with its own structural setups and governing rules to leap forward. Most importantly, the democratic setup of our exile government is drawing ever more attention of the Tibetans and it should suffice the purpose of the setup. By the way, by ‘wings of nationalities’, I meant that we are no longer handicapped by identity crisis in the exile today! Yes! We have come a long way…

There is very less ratio of Tibetans of the current generation who have been deprived of an opportunity to attend schools and seek education. The Tibetans youths graduating from different colleges and universities are able to tread the world teeming with job opportunities  for  a bright career today.

However, the purpose of our life to be happy does not come to the hands of us Tibetans wherever we are today. The fact that we have come so far under the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama is an inspiration to look forward and not a destination of our purpose. Wherever we go, we are obligated by the responsibility for the rebuilding of our country which is so unusual and unexperienced obligation of people of our peers born in free nations.  So far we have come and so far have still to go

The Tibetan community in exile is so vibrant and successful in any sense we look at but it has never been complete and perfect. The Tibetan diaspora live through their everyday life with a hope that tomorrow they can wake up in Tibet with their separated family members and that undeniable feeling does not fulfil their purpose of life. Every aged Tibetan member at the very verge of their death hopes to be buried in Tibet and that does not fulfil their purpose of their life!

The purpose of life and the Tibetan exile is an attempt to articulate the fact that howsoever the Tibetans seem to be living the life, we are never closer to the purpose of our lives because the very state of exile is not normal and neither does it make anyone happy nor does it provide any conditions of it. However vibrant and successful the Tibetans may seem, they are deep down counting on a hope to achieve the very purpose of their lives.


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