Recent Chinese Reactions Reveal Their Tibet Like Ambition Over Arunachal Pradesh

Chinese reactions over the recent course of events in India reveals their Tibet like ambitions over the Arunachal Pradesh, India’s state bordering Tibet then, now the China occupied Tibet. The most blatant claim from the Chinese media is that the people of Arunachal Pradesh are unhappy over India’s illegal rule.

“Under India’s illegal rule, the residents of Southern Tibet live difficult lives, face various kinds of discrimination, and look forward to returning to China,” a provocative article in the China Daily said. “Southern China” is what China what refers for Arunachal Pradesh.

This statement from China is a very familiar one to many people especially the Tibetans. China in their early phases of its communist establishment in the tag of People’s Liberation Army, the name given in the annexation of Tibet was that the Tibetan people were suffering under the feudal system of Tibet and they were liberating the Tibetans. The propaganda was just as similar as the recent Chinese propaganda over Arunachal State of India.

The People’s Liberation Army of Communist China implemented their expansionist policy over Tibet by violently invading the entire Tibet and throwing out unfounded claims of it being a part of the Chinese mainland. In name of liberation, the communist China shedding more than 1.2 million bloodshed and destroying the thousands year old Tibetan Buddhist culture to near extinction in Tibet in the year 1959, China is extending the same policy over Arunachal Pradesh today.

In addition to issuing repeated warnings against India for inviting the Dalai Lama to the Indian border state, China today disregarded to accept the Arunachal Pradesh as a political state in Indian territory. China comes out say that it is just a disputed border region! Arunachal Pradesh is a world recognized state of India either geographically or politically. The people of the state has never expressed any disregard to being Indian nationals while at the same time they are emotionally and mentally connected as Indians.

The Chinese media even did not hesitate to question if India would be able to face the economic and military might of China if a clash in the border regions breaks out! The article even boasts of the neighboring countries China could use of in case of such an event erupts.

These reactions are a clear sign of the Chinese ambitions over the Indian territory bordering Tibet. When facts were laid out against the China in the recent clashes between the two Asian giants, the Chinese are facing it hard to digest. It remains to be seen how the two Asian giants would resolve their differences in this age of dialogue. A possible war between the two nations would have serious implications throughout the world!

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One thought on “Recent Chinese Reactions Reveal Their Tibet Like Ambition Over Arunachal Pradesh

  • May 7, 2017 at 8:08 am

    We wish just like freindly neighbours not aggressive one. We should prepare for to protect ourself. Too much jumping is not good for anyone else. It’s not 1962 now 2017 there is 55 in between. So think about this. Hope understand that nor you will gain nor we will gain but major damaged has to be made in both side. Better to live peacefully which will good for both of us.


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