Redefining Unity Destroyer, a New Fashion!

There was a time when accusation of discordancy, unity destroyer, is limited to covert Taiwan fund receiver and Dogyal association. But now days, everybody seems a discord-sower (སྤྱི་ཚོགས་དཀྲུགས་མཁན་), in some or other way, in his own fashion or that of others’. –Discordancy, disunity creator, is the most common and popularly fashioned accusation, the most prevailing practice in exile Tibetan community nowadays, which perhaps works even more effective than “PARACETAMOL” and “A”- Ka Naktok (in playing card), in indicting and silencing any political opponents who may disagree with one’s own version of truth and opinion.

Nowadays, you agree something; you become a discord-sower, a wolf who creates disunity among Tibetan! You disagree something; again you become a discord-sower, a rat who creates social disharmony! Post a comment in Facebook, in support or against the content, PT, LS, Lukar Jam whatever, you attract an instant anti-nation accusation, quicker than two minute maggi noddle, of being a deadly unity destroyer python, or a China pleaser dog, leaving both the animals in shocked how they incarnated in human forms so quickly! There is no chance of escape, and it’s very difficult to exonerate oneself if once indicted.

Everybody is armed with this powerful charge nowadays, off-line or online, ready to slap against whoever disagrees his/her version of truth, sometime in His Holiness’ name and sometime in Lam Uma’s, and so on; Rangzen, and even whole Tibet, sometime, carrying as a shield. The versions of truth to which everything has to be conform is solely determined by personal like or dislike of your post readers, and not the universal truth governed by principles of justice. Therefore, there are innumerable varying truths on same subject floating in each heads reading a post. Some time, even multiple truths run within one head on same subject, depending on the fluctuation of opinion up and down from time to time. Consequently, leaves no chance of not violating some or other truth no matter how prudent you go. Anything that doesn’t appeal to the eyes of one’s own version of judgemental opinion, like or dislike, becomes a potential unity destroying evil at first hand. It is the version of how one want to see the society look like and how one want the society to run accordingly. Nothing to do with actual universal truth!

And who is not a unity destroyer? No one! Except His Holiness and Samdong Rinpoche, rest all are unity destroyer in some or other way. You post a “COMMENT” or hit a “LIKE” in Facebook, in support or against a content, you are already a deadly unity destroying villain difficult to overcome even by Bollywood’s best action hero, Akshey Kumar, and a China pleaser dancing up till heavenly realms, better than angels.

His Holiness, LamUma, CTA and Rangzan are some front shields employed as justifying tools to cover the actual personal interest behind and make the whole scene look like the condemnation is for social cause, and not out of personal disliking.  A condemner skilfully redirects a post that he dislike to any of those aforementioned shields and links thereto by establishing a relationship invented by the condemner himself which explains how the post or comment runs against social interest, which actually serves his own interest.

Recently, I posted a comment in Facebook against a post, wherein ex-North America chief representative, Penpa Tsering, was honoured with a gratitude ceremony in USA, organised and hosted by several associations there, expressing my agreement with the event. There came a kickback attack instantly, minutes after, from a critic, angrily lashed out at me saying, “You dog, don’t create disunity in society and so forth….” I tried convincing him by putting forward my arguments and explanations, fallacious or logical. But no way, there was no chance at all; he wasn’t listening at all, leave alone convincing!  And he went on …”you dog…dog …dog”. Someone, who seems sharing similar political view like mine, rushed to my defence all of a sudden from a side, and he lashed him, at my critic, at once with “pig”, saying, “You pig shut up…don’t create disunity, and so on..”, almost the same charge I have been indicted with, but this time the role has been shifted to ‘pig”, not “dog”, as in my case before.  He, my critic, went silence, and thanks to his good luck he didn’t show up again. Otherwise I was, next, readily armed with “rat”, the most common in my room, to slap at him, having learnt that animal metaphors works better than any resonated argument for countering political opponents.

All these animals dog, pig, wolf, rat, are super busy in Facebook nowadays, engaged in some or other counter arguments. Wolf and dog seems having highest demand among all, former for countering a leader and later for countering his loyal supporters.

But animals of higher status in their kingdom like lion, elephant, tiger and peacock are left alone. And they are severely discriminated against, as none of them has ever been considered recruiting for any metamorphic role for countering any disagreeing political argument on social media, predominantly Facebook.

All I am trying to say here is that demeaning a fellow Tibetan of our own blood on social media with all possible worst abusive language just because he/she holds a different or opposing political view is just self-insulting before world on an open platform, and nothing! Holding a different or opposing political view doesn’t make someone a lesser Tibetan. For instance, a common thing that both PT and LS supporters share is that both are patriot Tibetan who loves their nation dearly and proudly. A flat fact! Differences in ideologies and political standing are necessary for democracy, a good sign, without which it loses the essence. Then only the progress in thought and political education is possible through integrity, an another precious democratic value. Growing intolerance to different and opposing thoughts of others constitute bigotry which spoils the whole beauty and essence of democracy.

We must not forget that the world around us is watching us! Most of us have non-Tibetan friends in Facebook list, and commenting an abusive slander against a fellow Tibetan in connection with any political issue gets noticed by those non-Tibetan friends also. And some, if not all, may think that a lot of internal conflict and clashes exists within this handful of Tibetan exile community, despite having a greater cause to fight for, unitedly.  We can condemn, protest, disagree, debate and discuss on any socio-political issues, even bitterly also if required, but not slandering each other!

As a citizen of an exile democratic government, but whose land ruled by world’s most tyrant dictatorial regime, extra responsibility rests on our shoulder to show the world, especially to our host country, India, and western supporters, that we are politically competent and matured enough, and capable of playing a constructive role in bringing China into mainstream democratic world. For this, going in civilised manner on social media is important!

An important essence of democracy is respecting and accepting the view of majority. If something is choice of majority, a responsible and politically educated citizen must embrace and accept it respectfully, even if it is against his personal choice. That’s the beauty of democracy! That’s what makes democracy sacred and unique from the rest! And we Tibetan are, I believe, exceptionally capable of upholding this value, Buddhism being an excellent background support.

Unless the intended recipient of your comment has committed a heinous inhumane crime like rape or murder which makes him a deserving of such abusive denigrating language, we must refrain from using such language if it’s just for different and opposing political views. This is important to uphold our own dignity on open platform like Facebook, which is freely accessible to rest world.

At the end the choice is ours, whether to go civilising on social media and treat fellow Tibetans respectfully while disagreeing, or continue showing world our abusive Mahabharata war of slapping each other’s pets on each other’s faces while confronting any disagreeing zombies on social networks.

Or, is this my piece also a unity destroying rubbish which needs to be thrown away by slapping any pets, dog or pig?

But I prefer “Cat” to drive away rats out of my room!

Thank You!


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Kunchok Gyatso

Kunchok Gyatso, LLM, is a corporate lawyer working as an in-house legal counsel, based at Bangalore. He can be reached at

3 thoughts on “Redefining Unity Destroyer, a New Fashion!

  • January 6, 2018 at 10:44 am

    A great piece, humorous but sends a strong social message! Satirical style gives entertaining flavour, which doesn’t bore reading this author’s piece at all. Being a Tibet supporter, I must TibetSun for bringing interesting piece like this!

  • January 7, 2018 at 9:06 am

    A very creative way of writing, humorous and doesn’t bore at all. Swept to the end throughly, not knowing how it ended! Once stared can’t help finishing till end. Social message may help public in the same regard. A good read I enjoyed!

  • January 12, 2018 at 10:30 am

    I completely share this view of yours… It’s encouraging, unifying and educating…


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