Representative Penpa Tsering Declines Kashag’s Allegations

Representative Penpa Tsering declines Kashag’s allegations made in public domain that compelled to replace him from the post as announced on November 6. The incumbent representative and the former speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile while speaking to media over phone declined all allegations to be true.

Yesterday, Kashag published a public clarification stating that based on a growing trust deficit, under performance and insubordination with the former speaker led to his ousting. Keeping these three problems as the root cause, Kashag explained 10 points of incidents with the representative Penpa Tsering that led to Kashag making his replacement.

“Having served for twenty years as an elected representative in the exile Tibetan parliament, I have the proper knowledge of rules and regulations of our administration and I am certain that I haven’t broken any rules nor have I disrespected process of the flow of command.” said the Representative Penpa Tsering in conversation over the phone with Voice of America yesterday when asked to respond to the accusations make by Kashag.

While the Representative stating that he will discuss about all the points in details after the handing over of the office on November 30, he explained that he remains firm to his belief that his straight forward approach to his duties led to this ousting. He also stated that there were no mention of any prior warnings to the only warning letter stated to have sent in last July.

The former speaker will be replaced by Sherig Kalon Mr. Ngodup Tsering from the next month as announced on November 6. While the announcement created a lot of debate in the public domain owing to the speaker’s status as the sole competitor against Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay in the last election, Kashag made a clarification November 9. While that clarification did not make any significant points to the public, there has also formed a demonstration against the Kashag from the public. It led to the Kashag present the detailed clarification as published yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Representative Penpa Tsering Declines Kashag’s Allegations

  • November 22, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    I am sure Penpa Tsering la may have full knowledge of rules and regulation of CTA functioning and chain of command system as he claimed. The point is that Kashag has charged, you are not adhering/compliance to CTA’s policy and procedure and not respecting to its chain of command of CTA. Kashag is not accusing Penpa Tsering la but charged you of these not carrying out duties as representative of Kashag and CTA. You may be straightforward attitudes but must follow instructions from Kashag and CTA and should not challenge or undermining Sikyong’s position. Penpa Tsering la
    put yourself in Sikyong’s position if your understaff behaves same like you to Sikyong and Kashag. How can you function smoothly as Sikyong of CTA.
    It is purely your egoistic and still your mind is state of position of speaker of Parliament. Remember that you were not in that position and you were a staff member under CTA and Kashag. If you feel you dismissal is unfairly done, you can always take matter further to Justice department of CTA. That is appropriate to do so.


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