Senior RSS Leader Disagrees Those Leaders Who Considered Tibet As Part Of China

Senior RSS leader and Member of its National Executive, Shri Indresh Kumar told at a recent conference organised Ladakh Phanday Chhokarpa that he did not agree with those leaders of the country who earlier considered that Tibet was part of China and said that this view was totally wrong. He also stressed at the conference that the government of India should concede this view for the interest of Tibetans as well as Indian welfare at large.

Mr. Kumar was on a three day speaking tour of the Jammu region. The theme of the Seminar was “Himalaya Ki Surksha Main Rashtriya –Anatar Rashtriya Bhoomika’’ (The role at national & International level in safeguarding Himaliyas).
He said India and people of the country should work in favour and support of oppressed and suppressed people of Tibet and feel their pain and agony.

He said that the large developmental activities carried out by the Chinese government in the border areas were just a show while their intentions were something else.

Mrs. Dolma Gyari was also speaking at the conference along with BJP party leader Mr. Nirmal Singh who is the former deputy Chief Minister. Dolma Gyari who is the Home minister of Central Tibetan Administration which functions as Tibetan government in exile brought to the attention of the audience the atrocities of the Tibetans meted upon them by the Chinese invasion.

She told that the Government of India should admit of the fact that the Tibet is forcefully annexed by China and not a part of it. She urged that the condition of the Tibetans inside Tibet was very bad and India should clear its policy on Tibet.

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One thought on “Senior RSS Leader Disagrees Those Leaders Who Considered Tibet As Part Of China

  • June 6, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    It is very sad to see how China influences Tibet. I have been in Tibet a couple of years ago and the Chinese are everywhere. On the market , with tables at a distance of about 50m there was a Chinese soldier sitting. All shops were Chinese . I have bought some things on the market that were Tibetan. That made me happy.
    Our travelleader had been lots of time in Tibet, and had studied Tibetan art. He knew a lot, and had shows us the real Tibetan places. Thanks!!


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