Seven Tibetan Students Trapped In An Admission Racket

Seven Tibetan students are trapped in a medical college admission racket in Bangalore according to the report in the Tibet Express. The school graduates of 2016 are awaiting a promised admission to one of the prestigious medical colleges in Bangalore since their application last year. The students are today deserted without the money as wells as their documents they submitted for admission.

According to the report, seven young Tibetan students out of which six are girls have been allegedly duped of more than Rs. 40 Lakhs to get an admission to the medical college in south India. Last year during the admission season, the students had been guided by a Tibetan admission consultant named Dawa Tsering to the responsible lady from the college for admission to Nursing and BDS courses.

Despite having paid a lump some amount of Rs 40,25,000 which also included the illegitimate donation fund (which the private colleges charge against the students seeking admission through their management quota) and furnished, duly submitted all the necessary documents to the promising person, the seven Tibetan students are still waiting for the admission after almost one year time!

The students are extremely worried about their time getting wasted due to being stuck in this racket. With all the documents submitted, they have been vulnerable of losing their credentials to participate in any other college too. After the concerned admission party kept postponing the college start date for the seven students, they ultimately came to learn that the college registrar did not have their names.

With the help of responsible Tibetan local bodies, concerned government officials has been approached and the young students are hoping to resolve the issue among themselves at the latest so that they are not stuck in the judicial process for a long time, hence wasting their college time.

Admission processes in India have been providing illegitimate lucrative business to many agents especially for the foreign students admission. Many colleges promote their admission through providing hefty amount rewards to the agents who introduced new students to the college. Hope the concerned authorities resolve this issue at the latest!

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