Sweden Arrested Spying Agent Targeting Tibetan Refugees

Sweden arrested spying agent targeting Tibetan refugees. The Sweden intelligence agency SAPO arrested a man suspected for spying on Tibetan refugees. A man whose name was not disclosed was arrested for allegedly spying on Tibetan refugees for an unnamed foreign country at the beginning of the last month.

“The arrested man is suspected of having, at the request of another country, illegally gathered information about people in the Tibetan community in Sweden,” SAPO said in a statement.

“The information has been passed on to intelligence officers working for a foreign power,” it added.

Thought it would presumably be China who had been installing such spying agents across the world, the Swedish agency did not mention any name of the country who the agent was working for. It is also stated that the agent had been living in the Nordic country for the last several years.

According to sources, there are around 130 Tibetan refugees in the country. China has all the reasons and intentions to carry out such espionage against the Tibetan refugee. Through this they could monitor who has fled from the Tibet. In turn they could use the family members of the those who has fled to prevent them from speaking against the Chinese regime in Tibet.

China claims to have liberated Tibet in 1950s and the Tibetans, with around a hundred thousand of them in exile across the world, protest against the Chinese invasion of their motherland. Led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans are bringing out the atrocities being carried out against the Tibetans in the name of liberation by China.

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