TCCC President Sonam Lankar Wins Canada 150 Award

Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre president Mr. Sonam Lankar wins the Canada 150 award according to the reports received yesterday. The president of the Tibetan Centre was awarded the Canada 150 award in the Parkdale-High Park region of Ontario, Canada on last Wednesday.

The regional member of parliament, Mr. Arif Virani presented 20 people of residents to the Parkdale-High Park region with the Canada 150 award. Among the 20 people awarded, Mr. Sonam Lankar who is the president of the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre was one to receive the award for his outstanding contribution to the community especially through the TCCC.

“To be the premiere centre in Canada to develop and build community engagement for the promotion of moral values, peace and religious harmony by sharing the value of distinct Tibetan arts, culture and heritage.” says the vision of the TCCC in their official website.

The Canada 150 award is presented to Parkdale-High Park residents in recognition of their invaluable contributions, including cultural and other significant public and private endeavours, to community and country.

Sonam Lankar is Tibetan origin who moved to Canada in 1998 with his family. He is a real estate agent by profession. In celebration on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, all states are presenting this award to a list of such people in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community.

Nominations for this award considered all the deserving individuals including educators, artists, athletes, scientists, coaches, entrepreneurs, emergency responders, community volunteers, activity organizers, and all other every day heroes striving to make their community better.

Photo: RFA

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