The Mao Zedong of China Still Alive In Statues?

This photo is a sight of another such expression of the Chinese. A gold painted huge statue of Mao is near to completion in Tongxu county in China. The statue is 36.6 meters tall. It is built on the farm lands of the village and this is an addition to the numerous Mao statues present in China.

The Great Leap Forward movements of Mao’s communist government have brought more tragedies than harmony in any one’s life in the whole of China as well as it neighbouring countries.

However, for the credit of setting up a strong communist government, Mao is a worshipped figure in China even today, after more than 39 years of his death. His statues and portraits are displayed wherever possible to display the owner’s loyalty to the leader.

Though Mao tops the list of largest number people slaughtering leaders in the history of the world, many Chinese still worship him by honouring his name across the country. It is still a doubt to the outsiders whether the Chinese still considers Mao did 70%-80% things good in his entire life genuinely or in fear of the government. So the questions is the Mao Zedong still alive in the form of statues or is it just a political gimmick of the leaders?

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