Tibet Office Writes For Assistance To Dorjee Facing Deportation In New Zealand

The Tibet office in New Zealand writes a letter to the INZ seeking assistance to the Tibetan man Mr. Tsering Dorjee facing deportation from the country. The immigration office issued a doubt over the genuineness of the Tibetan’s marriage to the Dunedin woman after they visited them to inspect their relationship and he was given an ultimatum of 50 days till deportation.

Dorjee and Patricia Tsering married in India in September last year, soon after meeting each other. They came to New Zealand after Mr Tsering was granted an interim visa. The immigration officials had made an unexpected visit to the couple On October 3 morning at their Dunedin home around 7am to 8am to investigate their living arrangements and question them. Due to small number of items belonging to the wife found at the apartment had made the official question the elements of ”credibility, genuine partnership and stable partnership” in the couple’s relationship.

However, the couple are strongly fighting against the official question acknowledging their loves for each other. Despite the age difference between the couple where Tsering Dorjee who is 28 and Patricia Goldsmith who is 54 asserts that their relationship is genuine and lasting.

Thuten Kesang, Honorary Secretary of the Office of Tibet in New Zealand wrote a letter in support of the Tibetan man requesting assistance from the concerned office on Monday.

”I normally don’t give out these letters that easily without making sure everything is squeaky clean. It is up to the Immigration Department to advise them on the best way to go about getting it [a visa] legally … she is married to a Tibetan, and from a Tibetan perspective they are legally married.” told Mr Kesang according to the Otago Daily Times.

The Tibetan secretary’s letter said that he had seen all relevant marriage documents and spoken to the Tserings individually and that he could vouch for them as a genuine and legally married couple in the eyes of Indian law.

”The ultimate aim of Patricia and Dorjee is to settle in New Zealand and make a life for themselves here, which is a natural thing to do for any married couple,” the letter said according to the report.

”I would appreciate all due assistance to be given to Dorjee Tsering for his visa extension so that they can follow the due process of law in order that they as a married couple can settle in New Zealand.” he added in the letter.

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