Tibetan Association Raised $7K for California Wildfire Relief

The Tibetan Association of North Carolina based in Richmond is reported to have raised a relief fund for the California Wildfire according to the report in Richmond Standard on Tuesday. The Tibetan Association and their Tibetan volunteers have raised the relief fund by hosting a community café fundraising event.

Tibetans presented their contribution with a check of $7,236 to Richmond’s Mayor Tom Butt asking the mayor to deliver the funds to wherever they would do the most good. Mayor Butt then emailed the mayor and four council members of the city of Paradise, which was destroyed by the Camp Fire that killed at least 88 people. According to the report, Paradise Councilmember Mike Zuccolillo responded, recommending the donation be delivered to an organization active in the relief effort: Tzu Chi Foundation.

In November 2018, strong winds caused a round of large, destructive fires to erupt across the state. This batch of wildfires includes the Woolsey Fire and the Camp Fire, the latter of which killed at least 88 people and almost 30 still unaccounted for. It destroyed more than 18,000 structures, becoming both California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record

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