Tibetan Girl Awarded Exemplary Award at US University

A Tibetan girl at studying at a University in the United States has been awarded with an exemplary award. The university has awarded the annual recognition of an outstanding student in recognition of the Tibetan girl for her exhibition of generosity and care in the field of public health, Stony Brook University for the year 2019.

Passang Tsekey is a Tibetan refugee born and brought up in India. Ann Tempone award in the Public Health field at Stony Brook University for 2019 has been awarded to her according to the recent update provided by the Tibet Fund in its social media page. Tsekey’s achievement is a huge milestone in itself as when she arrived to US just around a year ago had struggle catching up to the new environment, the committee has decided to award her of a generous and helping person.

“Despite the struggle that she went through in the first semester at Stony Brook University, the committee members strongly felt that Passang showcased the qualities of a generous and caring person with a love for learning which earned her the honor of receiving the award.” said the post in its description.

Passang describes the feeling of receiving the award as surreal that “when I was appreciated for my passion and dedication for my faculty and classmates, it made me tear down with happiness.”, according to the post. It also explained that she hopes to finish her masters and graduate in May 2020 and return to India to work in Tibetan Medicare system.

Tsekey is a Tibetan Scholarship Program student, funded by the US State Department also wishes to teach health analytics in Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education and be part of an International aid organization to make health programs and policies. She has studied nursing from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia University in Delhi and had volunteered at multiple health camps and Tibetan settlement hospitals in India.

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