Tibetan Girl Wins Best Young Actress at International Film Festival

A Tibetan girl has been awarded the Best Young Actress at a prestigious international film festival according to the report by Voice of Tibet on Wednesday. The award for best young actress was conferred for her appearance in the feature film Barley Field on the other side of the mountain.

Tsering Choekyi plays the role of a 16 year old daughter of Tibetan barley farmers in a remote part of Tibet who later escapes into exile through Himalayas. She was awarded the Best Young Actress in a feature film at the Olympia International Film Festival held in Greece beginning at the onset of this month.

Choekyi plays the role of a 16 year old Pema  who lives in the remote mountains of Tibet. For generations, her family has farmed their barley fields in peace. But when Pema’s father is taken away by the authorities, her world is shattered.

A Buddhist nun from the local nunnery walks into Pema’s life and invites her to join a group of locals escaping persecution by walking over the Himalayas, into India. Young Pema struggles with her dilemma of leaving her family behind in that difficult time while there is no news about her imprisoned father.

The film is about the price of freedom and who pays for it, told through the eyes of a teenage girl. The filmmakers tries to give a voice to the oppressed of Tibet through a universal story about the love of parents for their children.

According to the report, Choekyi is elated by the news of the award which help her clear the about whether her performance has been able to convey message. She also expressed her joy over being able to present the film to His Holiness the Dalai Lama personally!

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