Tibetan Girl Wins Miss Himalaya Global Title in New Delhi

A Tibetan girl participating in a beauty pageant in New Delhi has been crowned with the title of Miss Himalaya Global. The Tibetan girl who had earlier participated in Miss Tibet beauty pageant, participated in the Mr. and Miss Glory of India 2020 held last week in New Delhi at which she has won the title of Miss Himalaya Global.

Miss Methok Lhanze has won the title of Miss Himalaya Global by representing Tibet at the Mr. and Miss Glory of India, 2020. The beauty pageant organized by Gandhi Films Productions in New Delhi between February 10-12 this year witnessed eight participants from different parts of the world.

The Tibetan beauty pageant feels that is was a gesture of solidarity with the Tibet issues for the organizers to accept her participation in the event representing Tibet. Miss Lhanze initially arrived in India after fleeing Tibet back in 1999 and joined Tibetan Children’s Village school. Although went back to Tibet later, she fled back to India after staying there for three years under constant suspicion and restriction. According to the Tibetan report, she was event jailed for more than one month during that period.

After arriving into exile again in 2004, she participated in the 2006 Miss Tibet beauty pageant. She has expressed her gratitude to the organizers for supporting Tibetan cause by accepting her participation and joy over winning the Miss Himalaya Global title, on her social media pages.

“Won the Title Miss Himalaya Global -2020 and I am proud of this. Thank you Tibet and India. Thank you to my friends from around the world who support me… love you… thank you.” wrote Miss Methok Lhanze on her Facebook page after winning the title.

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    Are you approved by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso aka Kundun ?


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