Tibetan Infected by Coronavirus in Paris, 3rd in Exile Community

A Tibetan has been infected by the Coronavirus in the French capital of Paris and he becomes the third case of coronavirus infection in the exile Tibetan community. According to the Tibetan report by Voice of Tibet, the Tibetan in Paris is confirmed to have contracted the virus which has put the whole world on sidelines.

The report has confirmed the case which was circulating in the micro messaging platforms by talking to the president of the Tibetan Association in France. Tenzin Penpa has confirmed that a Tibetan in Paris has been tested positive for COVID-19 and his entire family members have been put under home quarantine.

This is the third Tibetan to get infected by the Coronavirus after the first two cases have died in Dharamshala, India and London each recently. President Penpa has urged fellow Tibetans to take the matter seriously take all necessary precautions against this health outbreak.

The Coronavirus outbreak that originated from Wuhan in China was declared as a pandemic by World Health Organisation after the infection could not be contained in China. As of today, the virus has now infected more than 4,60,000 people from more than 180 countries. It has claimed more than 21,000 human lives and it continues to remain highly vulnerable across the world with the infection overwhelming the health care systems in many countries.

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