Tibetan Market At MP Nagar, Bhopal to Close from Next Year

The Tibetan winter market at MP Nagar, Bhopal will face closure from next year as the city authorities have said that developmental works will be carried out. The vibrant market which attracts a lot of customers during winter will have to shift as the area falls under the radar of smart city project.

The said location of the Tibetan market is at Zone-2 of Maharana Pratap Nagar. According to the Free Press Journal, the Chetak Bridge near the locality and the Jyoti Talkies road connecting to Board office square will be widened. The local BMC authorities will purportedly disallow the setting up of any markets near the location.

Tibetan business men and women in the area have stated that they were notified by the BMC. The BMC said that the Tibetan garment sellers will be allowed to proceed with business for the remainder of the season. The FPJ reported that Tibetan garment sellers have been conducting business in the area for more than a decade. The garment sellers would pay the rent to the BMC according to the space.

“Though, they have issued notice to us, I hope the market would continue at this spot this season. We are more tensed about the next seasons,” a Tibetan garment seller, Tsewang Ngodup, was reported as saying.

The BMC admitted that they have delayed the project keeping in mind that the garment sellers still have two months to go so that they do not suffer a loss. “We have told the contractors to delay the road widening work by two months, so that this business community is able to continue their business activity at the allotted site this season,” BMC official Pradeep Jain said.

It is important to note that there are many areas which might be considered for BMC projects in the upcoming year. Tibetan garment sellers, who are looking to expand or start a new stall, should take notice of the said location before making their investments.

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