Tibetan Markets Woolens More Expensive With GST But Crowd Continues

It is the season of approaching cold and the Tibetan markets are gearing up for their annual winter business across India however this year the woolens have become little more expensive thanks to the implementation of GST. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) implemented earlier this year have taken its toll across the country and the Tibetan markets are no exceptions.

“The shop owners initially carried a fear of fewer sales this year due to GST. But the stylish winter clothing is enough to attract the youngsters, especially college students. Jackets and sweaters in different designs and stylish looks have become an attraction amongst the youngsters.” said the report in Udaipur Times while reporting about the Tibetan markets starting their businesses in the city.

Every year, Tibetan immigrants travel to different cities of India to trade in woollen garments owing to limited land cultivation in the remaining months. They buy garments from wholesalers based in Ludhiana and Delhi in June and July. There are around 146 regions across Indian where there are Tibetan markets setup every year incorporating over 3,300 families, register under the All India Tibetan Refugee Trader’s Association (TRTA).

“GST has been applied at the rate of 5 percent on winter wear. This may prove to be expensive for the products that are heavily priced but it will not have much of an effect on products of lower range. Event then the variety in clothing is enough to attract the customers.” added the report.

The Tibetan markets stay open for four months during the peak of cold season across the country starting from October-November every year. Every Tibetan market across the country are becomes local seasonal attraction by providing wide range of stylish jackets, woolens and other cloths, shawls which are available at much lower price range as offered in the shopping complexes in the cities.

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