Tibetan Minor Girl Raped On Way From School In France

Tibetan minor girl raped on way from school in France according to the news report from the Tibet Times. The minor Tibetan girl who is said to be just 11 years old was raped while returning home from school in Trappes, Yvelines on last Saturday. The incident took place around 8 in the night on Saturday.

“While the minor was returning to the location(Formule I hotel) where she was staying with her family, she was approached in the city center by a man in her forties around 8 pm. The latter drew her to a grove where he raped her before fleeing.” said the news report France Soir.

The Tibetan minor girl however reached to her home and told her family about the incident. The family along with the help of the staff of the establishment where they were residing reported to the local police. The police took the victim to the André Mignot hospital where she was examined by the pediatric department and declared that she was sexually assaulted.

The victim who has arrived in the country only around a year ago can not speak French. The Department of security, Yvelines  having entrusted the responsibility of investigating the case arrested a suspect aged between 25-35 and being interrogated by the authorities.

The suspect is described to draped with a grey to white head scarf and black track suits according to the report. The criminal is being charged with article 222-24 of the Criminal Code: “Any act of sexual penetration of any kind committed on the person of another person by violence, coercion, threat or surprise is rape. Rape is punishable by twenty years of criminal imprisonment when committed on a minor of fifteen years. “

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2 thoughts on “Tibetan Minor Girl Raped On Way From School In France

  • March 18, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Hi, was wondering if the rapist was arrested.

    • March 18, 2018 at 8:15 pm

      Feel sorry for the kid! The Tibenats are known to be brilliant people and the kids are sacred! They should not be touched! God damn the rapist!


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