Tibetan Monk Brutally Attacked and Looted at Home in South India

A Tibetan monk who lives in a secluded house in a camp of Tibetan Refugees in Mundgod was on Saturday night brutally attacked by a gang of robbers and looted of huge amount of cash and important belongings. The monk living at his house has sustained injuries from attacks by thieves armed with swords and his screams went unheard of by the secluded neighbourhood.

Jangchup Rinchen Tenzin who is 46 years old according to the report by the New Indian Express was attacked by a gang of four thieves. Two of the gang members were armed with swords and attacked Jangchup when he came out to look for the barking dogs. According to the report, the Tibetan monk was looted 7 lakh in cash, a gold chain and bracelet worth 4 lakh, and three high-end mobile phones.

“The incident happened late on Saturday night, when four robbers gained entry to Jangchup’s house by cutting the compound fence. On hearing the dogs barking, the lama came out of his house, and was attacked by two robbers with a sword. All the four miscreants then threatened him and locked him in a room before fleeing with the valuables.” said the report on Monday.

According to the local sources, the monk was constructing his house which was not yet completed. The monk’s house was set up in a part of Camp 1 of Tibetan settlement in Mundgod which was far from other buildings. It has probably been an easy target to the thieves and due to the ongoing construction, the monk was keeping the amount of cash that was stolen!

Mundgod, a town located around 80 km away from Hubli in Karnataka, India houses one of the largest Tibetan refugee settlements in India. While the Tibetan settlement houses a large number of Tibetan people there, it also house two of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, Drepung and Gaden Monastery.

Image courtesy: New Indian Express

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3 thoughts on “Tibetan Monk Brutally Attacked and Looted at Home in South India

  • January 21, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Its shameless.i hope the police will take action.

  • January 23, 2019 at 5:37 am

    When the police didn’t take any strict action against the bylakuppe nyamdrel case where the acused was a Tibetan than I expect no strict action against this case where the acused is an India.

    I strongly feel that the Tibetan media not only should pass the information to the common people but should as well help the Tibetan victims by every possible means, generating their support to police and whom soever concerned. Media has great power and I strongly feel that it should be used more efficiently.

  • January 30, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Why are you writing “constructing his house”. He is not building his own house. The construction is being undertaken by Gaden shartse monastery. He was just arpo or manager of the construction. Incorrect report brings bad reputation to the monks.


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