Tibetan Nurses Registration Approved Under INC By Government of India

In the particular grievance of Tibetan nurses in the state of Uttarakhand India through the office of Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama based in Delhi regarding the requirement of birth certificates for registration of Tibetan professional nurses in the state has been redressed according to the letter addressed to the office from the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, government of India.

The registration of nurses who are employed at various hospitals in the state required to produced their birth certificates and the registration is mandatory for all the professional nurses in the state. However, many of Tibetan nurses in the state could not produce a birth certificate owing to the fact that they came from Tibet.

This problem with the Tibetan nurses were brought to the notice of regional office of Central Tibetan Administration through the regional students body, Students General Improvement Group.

“I would like to inform that Indian Nursing Council deliberated on the issue and approved the registration of Tibetan nurses who have acquired nursing qualification from Indian Nursing Council recognised institutions.” said the letter from Shri C K Mishra, Secretary of the Ministry where the issue is the lack of birth certificates for Tibetan nurses born in Tibet.

This is a great news to the Tibetans in regard of the fact that the state harbours a very large proportion Tibetan nurses in the country.

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