Only Tibetan Protesters Curbed From Chinese Pressure In South Africa

Only Tibetan protesters curbed from Chinese pressure in an incident on August 29 in Johannesburg, South Africa where the police came to remove only the Tibetan protesters. The incident clearly revealed Chinese pressure in curbing the Tibetan protesters as the police removed the Tibetan peaceful vigil holders from lot of other protesters at the behest of Chinese delegates.

“A group of Tibetans and an Australian senator who staged a peaceful protest vigil next to the Sandton library were sent packing by police on Tuesday, apparently at the behest of Chinese delegates.” said the report in IOL on Sunday.

The Tibetan protesters curbed were carrying Tibetan flag, tied a black band to their mouth and carrying a peaceful vigil at the speech by Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji to the Johannesburg World Summit, which was being shown on a big screen next to the library added the report.

In contrary the police did not touch the group of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) members who were also staging a peaceful protest against the Chinese government officials for torturing their members.

“Australian Senator Bob Brown, who joined the protest, was also told to leave the area. John Isom, a member of the International Campaign for Tibet, said he was convinced a member of the official Chinese delegation who confronted the Tibetans earlier, had asked authorities to disperse the group.” said the report which informs about the Chinese interference in the matters their police duty.

Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950s led to the formation of the Tibetan exile community which later flourished to be one of the most successful exile communities across the world today. Chinese pressure has been exerted upon every leader of every nation where Tibetan exile communities exist. Despite unrelenting pressure from this world economic giant, Tibetans have received tremendous support from every part of the world.

However, many economically developing nations relying strongly on the economic strength of China falls in their hand and hesitate at meeting the Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama as well as surrender to Chinese bullies as this sort of incident, publicly humiliating their legal system.

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