Tibetan Refugee Migrants in France Stranded Near Paris

Tibetan refugee migrants in France have been stranded near the capital city of Paris after the rehousing project of the government dismantled the camp that home to those asylum seeker. From around two hundred Tibetan asylum seekers previously staying at the camp in tents, the rehousing project can house only around one hundred and twenty of them.

“A camp that was home to over two hundred Tibetan asylum seekers has been dismantled by the authorities in the district of Conflans, 30 kilometers from Paris. The plan is to rehouse the migrants, but a shortage of beds in state-run hostels and a lack of host families means that several will remain homeless.” reported the local news agency RFI on Wednesday.

The report added that a small groups of Tibetan refugees are living on the banks of the Seine River in Conflans. They could easily be mistaken for picnickers if it were not for the worry on most of their faces. The majority live in tents hidden in nearby woodland.

Over the past sixty years, the world has seen hundreds of Tibetans flee from China occupied Tibet, in the hope of finding basic human rights and peace. With restrictive policies imposed upon Tibetans inside Tibet, China claims control over Tibet both politically and socially, making efforts to convert Tibetan culture into Chinese.

While there are thousands of Tibetans livings across Europe, there are sizeable number of other Tibetans arriving in Europe with a hope for a better life. They are faced with difficulties such as this incident while going through a tedious process of massive paperwork in foreign languages.

Image: RFI

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One thought on “Tibetan Refugee Migrants in France Stranded Near Paris

  • June 1, 2019 at 7:03 am

    what happens, the exile Tibetan government CTA in India said we give lots of job opportunity and study and the better lifestyle in any other refugee ?? maybe french they like to keep that illegal immigration for a benefit for the election


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