Tibetan Refugees Must Surrender Citizenship: APACACT

Tibetan refugees must surrender citizenship said the Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Andolan Committee (APACAC) according to the report in The Arunachal Times. The organization demanded that the Tibetan refugees possessing Indian citizen and seeking benefits under ST quotas be surrendered at the earliest.

“The Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Andolan Committee (APACAC) demanded that all the Tibetan refugees that have illegally acquired Indian citizenship and are seeking benefits under the ST quota should surrender their citizenship at the earliest. It claimed that those Tibetan refugees, who have illegally acquired citizenships, have also got huge plots of lands allotted in their names.” said the report.

The organization said that the Tibetan refugees must surrender citizenship acquired in fraudulent means and resign the ST quotas availed immediately.

The Ministry of External Affairs directed that Tibetans and those born between January 26, 1950 and July 1, 1987 to Tibetan parents settled in India would automatically be treated as Indian citizens by birth according to Section 3 (1) (a) of the Citizenship Act and therefore they were eligible apply for Indian citizenship as well.

“Further, all the non-ST individuals, who are using the titles of tribal women after marrying them and availing the facilities under the ST quota, should immediately stop doing so,” the APACAC added.

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