Tibetan Refugees’ RC Renewal Delay Could Cost Upto $500 in Penalty

The Tibetan refugees living in India on the provision of the Registration Certificate (RC) from the host country India are now liable to be fined upto 500 US Dollars or thirty six thousands rupees if their RC renewal is delayed. The notice issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs/Foreigners Division, Government of India outlined the financial penalty amounts with respect to the extend of delay in time.

According to the notice, failure to renew the Registration Certificate/stay permit will be charged with financial penalty of USD 300 for delay upto 90 days, USD 400 for delay from 91 days to upto 2 years and USD 500 for delay exceeding 2 years. With regard to this, the department of security, Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala has also issued a circular informing Tibetan refugees of the penalty.

While the Department of Security has told of the fact that it has been repeatedly advising the Tibetans to apply for renewal os their RCs at least one month before the expiry, the department has clearly mentioned that since letting one’s RC expire is illegal as per the law of the country, it is very difficult provide any assistance from the office. According to the office’s interpretation of the financial penalty, it amounts to 21,600 for delay upto 90 days, 28,800 rupees for delay from 91 days to upto 2 years and 36,000 rupees for delay exceeding 2 years.

Although the government of India has provided a relaxation if validity of the Tibetan RCs to five years from one year, it is known that there are many Tibetans in various Tibetan settlements across India facing the burden of heavy financial penalty applicable to their delayed renewal of their RCs.

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3 thoughts on “Tibetan Refugees’ RC Renewal Delay Could Cost Upto $500 in Penalty

  • January 19, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Why the penalties are in USD though we are living in India??

  • January 20, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Usually the online means it would be easier and more convenient, but for refugees it’s like more hectic and more problem and worst for the uneducated people and old people. Being an normal person, I really fave so much of this problem even understanding the whole situation, but I really feel sad for those old people who doesn’t know about internet and online meaning, but I am more angry on CTA who understands everything but doing nothing to help own people rather explaining it in wrong way.

  • January 22, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    I dont hve RC Is it possible to getRC I have green book .


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