Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy Yet To Be Passed Completely In Arunachal Pradesh: CM

The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014 is yet to be passed completely in Arunachal Pradesh said the Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Sunday according to reports. The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy framed by Indian central government was adopted by the Arunachal government on August 12 but it attracted opposition from several civil society groups and the state opposition party, Peoples Party of Arunachal and congress.

“Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Friday said his government is yet to adopt the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy.
Several civil society groups, including the opposition Peoples Party of Arunachal and Congress have opposed the state cabinet’s decision on August 12 to adopt and extend the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014 in the state.” said the report in Eastern Mirror Nagaland.

“The policy has only been agreed in-principle and not passed in toto. It will be framed only after Arunachal comes up with its own rehabilitation policy only after consultation with all stakeholders,” the report quoted Chief Minister Shri. Pema Khandu saying at the Solung festival of the indigenous community.

Policy guideline makes a clear policy statement that Tibetans may be allowed to undertake any economic activity and to that extent, relevant papers/trade license/permit may be issued to them. The policy also says that Tibetan Refugees may also be permitted to pursue/take jobs in any field for which they are professionally qualified. These could be fields like nursing, teaching, Chartered Accountancy, medicine, engineering etc.

“The government will never work in favour or harm the interest of any religion or undermine the secular character of the state,” Shri. Khandu added. He said that the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy is a central government policy advised to be adopted by States sheltering Tibetan settlements. However, the policy is yet to be fully implemented in the state and said that it will be framed only when Arunachal Government has formed its own rehabilitation policy.

“I have four kids but I never bother to send them away abroad or to other states for their studies. I want them to grow in our local environment so that they can be acquainted with their culture and dialect first,” said CM Pema Khandu during the event exhorting the people on the importance of preservation of indigenous culture, appealing them to speak their native dialects.

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