Tibetan Self Immolation Have Waned But Not Lingering for the Dalai Lama

Over the past ten years, Tibetans have resorted to the unfathomable means of protest by burning oneself against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. However, these protests have now waned after their spiritual leaders headed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama spoke against it but the Tibetans’ long wait for His Holiness remains strong and steady.

According to the ground report by

Oki Nagai records from the local Tibetans in Tibet that the self immolation from Tibetans have waned not because of tighter government monitoring, but because the Dalai Lama and other high-ranking monks have spoken out against. While China has been sharply criticized over more than 150 Tibetans resorting burning themselves, heavy security measures to curb such incidents have also reduced across the region these days. However, with an uncertain future for the Tibetans, they want the right to worship the Dalai Lama in contrary to China’s hard line policy against the spiritual leader.

It is also recorded that the local Tibetans despite not being able to speak properly in Tibetan, they can not speak more candidly about the Dalai Lama as the Chinese government prohibits it. But they have a strong desire to worship His Holiness in contrary to the restriction. While the Dalai Lama is turning 83 this year, there is no clarity over the his return to Tibet and that adds another fear over China meddling in the issue of recognizing the next Dalai Lama!

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