Tibetan Winter Markets Boycott Chinese Goods

Tibetan winter markets have called for a boycott of Chinese goods in a very significant effort to protest against the China’s hostile policies. The seasonal Tibetan markets which have now been set up across India for the next three months have pledged to not sell a single Chinese product from this year according to the report in Times of India.

“As efforts to call a boycott of Chinese goods are yet to gain strength, some Tibetan refugees making a living from sale of winter clothes and shoes have for the first time decided to stop sale of Chinese items in their fairs all over the country. ” said the report in TOI today.

Tsering Rabtan Shastri, the head of Tibetan Markets association has reported that the decision to ban the sale of Chinese goods was taken during the meeting of heads of Tibetan market associations held in April this year at Ludhiana when the meeting was presided over by the President of Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay.

“Around 1,000 pradhans of our association from across the country met in Ludhiana this April and unanimously decided to boycott Chinese items as a mark of protest against China’s expansionist policies.” quoted the report.

The boycott will be mean that there won’t be any sale of Chinese goods at more than 14,000 shops in the Tibetan winter markets across the country. Despite the ban would incur losses for the Tibetan traders, they plan to stand up against the Chinese government without any regret.

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